Axe API Diaries: New Documentation

I asked myself what a blog should be after I realized that I don’t write too much. I thought and I decided that it should be whatever I like. That’s why you are reading this post. I am going to tell in here what I am doing more often.

I can’t remember very well -cause I don’t write too many blog posts, stupid me- when I started to code Axe API. But I remember how I feel in the beginning; it was only an itching. Day by day, but especially at night time while I was trying to sleep, I was thinking about it. I can literally say I started to Axe API by thinking before coding. Actually, in old days, its name was AdonisX. After months and thousands of lines codes, finally, I did something. Even though it is not ready for production use, I feel so excited because of its potential.

From the beginning, I am writing a lot of documentation to explain what it is and I could say bravely that it had good documentation. But I noticed that some parts of it are so complicated. That’s why I started work on it again by caring about the big picture. Again, after so many hours of work, I made it better. Now, it is more modern, well categorized, and useful.

The first thing I did was to change the main color to the Axe API’s color. Then, I added more quick links to the navigation bar.

The second thing which I did was reducing menu complexity. Now, there are fewer top-level menus and it is better categorized. I am pretty sure that people can find easily what they are looking for.

But this recreation process was not about styles. I’ve completely rewritten the “Getting Started” section. Now, users have better, step-by-step documentation. I targeted that users can learn the basics of Axe API easily, and in minutes. In addition, there are many parts that have been touched. Some parts were merged and some parts were split.

After so many hours of work, I still can’t be sure that it is enough. I believe that I have to write many pages to make it perfect. On the other hand, I discovered that writing good documentation is not a gift. It is all about making practices. I get better results when I spend time on it. That makes me feel better!

Anyway, enjoy it!