Özgür Adem Işıklı

Özgür Adem Işıklı

Software Developer

i.ozguradem [at] gmail.com

About Blog Resume

Hi, I am Özgür /œzgʊr/!

I am a software developer who has been coding for almost ten years. Usually, I am working on web applications on both sides; frontend and backend. I had many chances to work with different languages and technologies from zero to production.

I am the co-founder of some of the local communities on technology and music. I like sharing my experiences with people. That's why I like writing and talking about everything.

Also, I am interested in creating a startup which makes me proud of it. Although I fail usually, I am stubborn enough to keep going try.

Personal Projects

  • Open Mail, ask the right questions to the right people and make the conversation public.
  • AdonisX, the fastest way to create Rest API by defining database models and their relations.
  • ozziest/business-logics, a library to query business logics via truth table.


JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, Linux, Vue.js, MySQL, CSS, SASS, Docker, AWS (ECS, ECR, EC2, ELB, S3, CloudFront, RDS), Redis, GitLab CI/CD, Git, TDD, Jest, WebSocket, RabbitMQ, C#, Entity Framework, .Net Core, PHP, Laravel, PHPUnit, AngularJS, Rest API.