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#10 - From Dynamic List To Dictionary List In C#

In case I forget later, this is a simple note for me.


I love to play with ConvertAll method which List object has. Today, I have noticed that how I hate dynamic type variables. First of all, C# is a strongly typed language and these kind of languages have good benefits such as writing unbreakable application. Of course if you don’t use dynamic type variables. When I realized that, I have converted my dynamic list to dictionary list and this my note about it.


This code has been updated because of a suggestion giving by mikependon. You might find the details in the issue.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Reflection;

namespace ConsoleApplication
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)

            List< dynamic> source = new List< dynamic>()
                new { id = 1, name = "Marlon Brando" }

            List< Dictionary< string, dynamic>> result = source.ConvertAll(
                new Converter< dynamic, Dictionary< string, dynamic>>(DynamicToDictionaryConverter)

        public static Dictionary< string, dynamic> DynamicToDictionaryConverter(dynamic item)
            if (IsDictionary(item))
                return (Dictionary< string, dynamic>)item;
            Dictionary< string, dynamic> newItem = new Dictionary< string, dynamic>();
            PropertyInfo[] props = item.GetType().GetProperties();
            foreach (PropertyInfo prop in props)
                newItem.Add(prop.Name, prop.GetValue(item, null)); 

            return newItem;

        public static bool IsDictionary(object o)
            if (o == null) return false;
            return o is IDictionary &&
                   o.GetType().IsGenericType &&


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