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How to sign AWS S3 files in Node.js

04 December 2021

I noticed that every time I need to sign an S3 file, I already forgot how I could do that. Because I can be bored so easily, I am creating this documentation to remember it easily.

What you need?

Add the aws-sdk to your project;

$ npm install --save aws-sdk


You need an S3 configuration like the following example;

import AWS from "aws-sdk";

const s3 = new AWS.S3({
  accessKeyId: "AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID",
  secretAccessKey: "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY",
  region: "eu-central-1",

Signing a file

And finally, you can sign the file by setting an expiry date.

const signIt = (path, expires = 60 * 60) => {
  return s3.getSignedUrl("getObject", {
    Bucket: "your-bucket-name",
    Key: path,
    Expires: expires,


You have to have permission to use getSignedUrl method with your AWS access keys.